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    Frequently Asked

    What makes KotiCharge different from other EV charging solutions?

    KotiCharge offers a unique approach by utilizing the existing heating pole infrastructure in housing buildings. This eliminates the need for expensive renovations, making EV charging more accessible and cost-effective. Our solution provides the same fast charging readiness at only about 10% of the typical cost of other solutions.

    Do I need to download an app to use KotiCharge?

    Yes, KotiCharge has a dedicated mobile application available on both Google Play and the App Store. The app allows users to reserve charging sessions, start charging, and automatically pay for the electricity used. It also provides real-time information about your vehicle during charging. The exception is when you have Automatic Plug&Charge feature installed, then our camera vision will identify your vehicle and you can charge without using our app.

    Is KotiCharge compatible with all EV chargers?

    KotiCharge supports all charging stations that comply with the OCPP 1.6J standard or higher. We specifically mention brand support in our homepage, ensuring broad compatibility for residents regardless of their vehicle’s model.

    How does KotiCharge’s sport-price invoicing & smart charging work?

    KotiCharge’s spot-price invoicing feature automatically tracks energy consumption every hour. It then calculates the electricity costs for both users and housing companies that have a spot-price contract. The pricing data is sourced from Nordpool and is made available publicly a day in advance. With this system in place, users are relieved from the hassle of monitoring their electricity usage or crunching numbers for cost calculations.

    Complementing this, our smart charging functionality schedules EV charging during periods when electricity rates are at their lowest, translating to an average saving of 30% on electricity bills. Moreover, KotiCharge has the capability to simultaneously manage load-balancing and smart charging, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    What are the pricing models offered by KotiCharge?

    KotiCharge offers flexible pricing models to cater to different user needs. We provide an operator service for 4€/month per charger and a service fee of 2 cents/kWh. Additionally, there’s a purchasing model and rental model for users’ different needs. Both models include installation and the ability to share the charger with neighbors.

    Is KotiCharge’s solution scalable for future needs?

    Absolutely. KotiCharge’s system is designed to be scalable and adaptable, allowing for easy upgrades as your charging needs grow. Whether you start with a few chargers and wish to expand later, our three-stage upgradable solution can evolve to meet your future requirements, making it a long-term investment.