What inspired us to develop our solution?
  What inspired us to develop our solution?  

Common Problems Of EV Charging Solutions


How KotiCharge’s EV Charging Solution Helps

Smooth Installation and Cost-saving
  Smooth Installation and Cost-saving  

Gradual Upgrade, three-stages installation

Stage One: Load Balancing

KotiCharge introduces a revolutionary approach to EV charging by offering charging readiness without renovation. With just 10% of the average cost of other charging solutions, we provide load-balancing and a few fast chargers, while retaining the majority of heating poles.
This initial stage ensures that housing companies can have load balancing and fast chargers without a significant financial burden.

Stage Two: Line Renovation

As your charging needs grow, KotiCharge is right there with you. In the second stage, we focus on renovating the electrical line and adding additional fast chargers.
This phase accounts for 60% of the total cost, allowing for a gradual and manageable investment. It’s all about enhancing the infrastructure while keeping costs in check.

Stage Three: All Fast EV Chargers

Completing the EV charging transformation, the third stage is all about optimizing for the future. With an investment covering the remaining 30% of the total cost, we transition all units to fast chargers.
This ensures that you’re fully equipped for the increasing demand of EVs. And remember, if an outright purchase isn’t for you, our hassle-free rental option is always available, making home EV charging accessible and affordable.


KotiCharge’s Distinctive Edge: Superior Load Balancing

How it works

KotiCharge’s load balancing machine stands out in its capability to enable power distribution not just among EV chargers, but also among chargers and dummy devices like car heaters.
The power required for an 11kWh charger equates to the combined output of 6 heating ports. This means a charger can deliver a maximum output of 11kWh when 3 heating poles aren’t in use.

Heaters are typically used for just 2 hours a day and only 4 months a year. This translates to a mere 0.3% uptime annually. The rest of the time, their potential remains untapped, presenting a vast resource of power that can be harnessed for charging.

What further sets us apart is our machine’s proficiency in managing the load across diverse EV charger brands, ensuring efficient and consistent power delivery even in a network of different EV chargers – which we can proudly state that no other service provider can offer this capability.

Explore KotiCharge Solutions – PDF material

Curious about our unique approach to EV charging? For a detailed understanding of how KotiCharge is changing the industry, download our comprehensive guide. It’s crafted just for you!

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